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The Aftermath Clean-Up and Its Importance

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Post-construction clean-up can be a hassle for homeowners and construction companies that are forced to double as cleaning companies. Fortunately, companies like Affordable Cleaning Services, an expert in post-construction cleaning in Coralville, exist to help.

Your dream house is done. You can’t wait to move in. Maybe it was just an addition to your home, but it took weeks or even months to achieve the space you have long desired. After exhaustive planning and sleepless nights on standby as the contractors did their magic, you have finally reached your goal. Your new and improved home now stands before you. The road here was filled with labor, money spent, not to mention debris, but the result is well worth the wait.

However, as the construction crew is slowly packing their bags and collecting their tools and equipment, an imminent issue gradually emerges and needs to be addressed. Even though the contractors have left and cleaned up after their work, your place is still a mess.

While it’s undeniably upgraded structurally, dirt and dust freshly coat every corner of it. The glass in the windows is dirty and blurry, and sills and blinds are covered in dust. A few excessive blobs of caulking residue are spotting the floor, and some paint drips are left on the woodwork. Obviously, your house is not in pristine condition. It is not the way you want your neighbors and friends to see it, and definitely not the way you want your family to live.

The “After Party”

Many homeowners do the clean-up on their own. After all, this saves money in the long run. However, not only will this take a hefty amount of time and effort, but your house may not be as clean as you imagined. Cleaning up post-construction is also a frustrating thing to handle.

Fortunately, companies like Affordable Cleaning Services are here to help.

As one of the most trusted companies for post-construction cleaning in Coralville and nearby areas, Affordable Cleaning Services will not only leave you with a polished house, but they go way beyond simple surface cleaning. They also sanitize fixtures that may have been affected by the construction dust, taking care of evident debris and dirt and making sure you will feel at ease and completely comfortable the moment you step inside your home.

With years of experience in the field, Affordable Cleaning Services has long fostered familiarity with handling clients’ demands and needs. Regardless of how bad the aftermath of the construction is, ACS is more than willing to lend a helping hand and relieve you of the burden. And they haven’t named themselves Affordable Cleaning Services for no reason. They provide both effective and affordable services.

But why all the fuss about post-construction cleaning and choosing the right company for it? Here are a few reasons why cleaning up is paramount to any construction project.

An Assurance of Safety

Construction companies can be the most meticulous throughout the process, but this doesn’t reduce how risky construction sites can be – even if it’s your home. This is especially true post-construction, where there can be nails, broken glasses, and bits of wood left behind. These are all accident hazards if ignored or missed, but cleaning companies can remove these safety risks for you and ensure nothing is left.

It’s easy to miss a spot or two when cleaning the house routinely, but even more so when it’s after a huge mess like construction. This is why there is a need for professionals to help with post-construction cleaning. As experts in the field, they know where to find hidden dirt and dust to ensure a perfectly polished house. With the ACS team, you can rest assured that every nook and cranny is CLEAN.

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