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Cleaner, Safer Air: The Importance of Ventilation Cleaning

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Clean air is among the crucial health factors. But with the recent social development and its environmental effects, clean air has become a luxury. Any spaces must maintain a clean source where air circulates before reaching the interiors, hence the need for regular ventilation cleaning.

There aren’t any evident changes to the air when it’s clean or not. The air people breathe in feels and smells the same regardless of where people are. Thus one can’t pinpoint when it becomes harmful. That is until they feel their health declining. Now, it’s significant to note that the “air” in this discussion should be separated from the gases that come from harsh working environments and processes. These have apparent harmful elements (smoke, smell) that people can identify and avoid.

Air people are consuming on a daily can be harmful. But this doesn’t mean they should stop breathing it because that’s impossible. Unless people start selling “clean air,” it becomes dystopian. Instead, to ensure they’re taking in clean and safe air, people must trace it back to where this air comes from and take action. We’re not talking about the trees and nature but the air ducts around the room.

Dirty Ventilation

A regular household typically produces 40 pounds of dust yearly. Imagine how much dust is accumulated in the workplace. Let that sink in (but not in your house, especially your lungs). While homeowners or company owners may claim to clean their spaces regularly, most of this dust still settles into their air ducts and gets pumped out for everyone to breathe.

When did you last clean your air duct? A typical answer is last year or maybe even too long ago for one to remember. “But I constantly replace my filters.” Others would get reassured by the idea that replacing filters accounts for ventilation cleaning. However, replacement alone can still lead to gradual dust build-up and poor air quality.

Ventilation cleaning doesn’t only mean replacing or cleaning filters out. Instead, it thoroughly cleans air ducts, circulating air from the heating and cooling systems. If these systems get neglected, dust, debris, and (god forbid) mold can accumulate within these and be pumped out toward the whole house. This is when things get nasty. To ensure health, clean air is crucial. People want the air to be as clean as possible. Fortunately, there are companies offering ventilation cleaning.

Commercial and Ventilation Cleaning

Commercial cleaning is the type of cleaning done by professional cleaning companies hired by an organization. Unlike household cleaning, where there’s only a limited amount of space to take care of. Commercial cleaning companies are trained to ensure that buildings, a bigger space, remain clean and safe. This is an essential process for spaces to prevent damage and illnesses.

Regarding commercial cleaning, this doesn’t only include cleaning hotel floors, offices, and leisure centers. It also involves doing intricate cleaning such as ventilation cleaning to sanitize and maintain vents, preventing debris from piling up over time. But aside from health reasons, why must air ducts be kept and regularly cleaned?

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Improving Air Flow Efficiency

Dust build-up can cause poor air quality and airborne sickness. But it can also restrict airflow from the air conditioner and furnace over time. This leads to the cooling and heating systems taking longer before they start working, resulting in decreased efficiency. Owners end up paying more for electricity bills without enjoying an adequate performance from these systems.

Eliminating Awful Odors

Without regular ventilation cleaning, state odors can get trapped in the air ducts and flow through the house. Bacteria, mold, and even animal droppings accumulating in the ducts can emit foul odors. While changing ventilation filters can eliminate these odors, they can’t sustain this longer. Commercial cleaning can help restore a fresh smell to the house.

Reducing Irritants and Allergens

Dust that accumulates in the air ducts can capture harmful pathogens and microorganisms. The primary contributors to allergens in the air are pet dander, mildew, toxins, and mold spores. People who are asthmatic and suffering from respiratory problems can be sensitive to these particles. Doing a regular clean-up help reduce particles from re-circulating within the area.

Commercial Cleaning Company for You!

Regular ventilation cleaning prevents companies from doing expensive repairs and replacements by keeping pollutants and allergens. Not to mention this also helps reduce instances of illnesses within the company. For anyone looking for a professional cleaning company, Affordable Cleaning Services is the company for you!

Affordable Cleaning Services is a company specializing in commercial cleaning in Iowa City. They can also provide excellent ventilation cleaning, helping companies improve their air quality and provide a safer workspace for everyone’s benefit. With cleaner and healthier air, they also expected an increase in productivity and a decrease in absenteeism.

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