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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed  

Licensed & Insured

  • Why Should I trust ACS
    Trust is a vital component of our business. We take great pride in having earned the trust of hundreds of customers throughout the many years of our company’s success. We are also extremely proud to be industry leaders in both professionalism and affordability. In addition, we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee to show how confident we are that we can do the job right. ACS is licensed and bonded. Our employees are screened thoroughly and are like family members to us. As a family-oriented business, we believe in building relationships in the community and with our clients. We treat YOU like family, too! We are an industry leader with over 10 years of experience in professional commercial and residential cleaning. We provide customized high-quality services for all business types and sizes. We offer competitive pricing and free estimates. We have quality trained, supervised, and uniformed employees. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We only hire staff who we believe will adhere to our high standards and fit our brand. Learn more about our commercial cleaning services HERE. Our Environmental Technicians are: Professional Affordable Honest Dependable Well Trained Screened Secured Bonded Licensed Experienced Call us for your free quote and ask us how!
  • What area do you service?
    We provide cleaning services for Iowa City, Coralville, North Liberty, Cedar Rapids and surrounding areas. In some cases, there may be a charge for mileage depending on how far from our home base the job is.
  • What kind of products do you use?
    We use a variety of well-advertised products. As a rule, we use the least toxic products that will do the job. Examples would be baking soda and vinegar used to clean an oven or lemon juice to clean a microwave. We respect the wishes of the client if they prefer a particular product(s) that they want us to use. Some love the smell of Pine-Sol while others detest it. Some do not like the scent of bleach or vinegar. Others have specific aromatherapy blends that they prefer. Just let us know if you have a personal preference for products.
  • How long have you been in business?
    We at ACS-Affordable Cleaning Services are a family-owned business. We have been in the cleaning industry since 2001 and incorporated as an LLC in 2013 under the name ACS – Affordable Cleaning Services with Nick as owner. We have lived in the Iowa City area since 1997 and consider our employees family. Because of this relationship, ACS can proudly boast that most of our employees have been with us for six years or more whereas the national cleaning service average time to retain an employee in the industry is three months. The loyalty of employees, management, and clients (or as we refer to them, “Friends with needs” helps to create higher morale and a noticeable increase in productivity. This relationship also increases productivity and creates better morale for our clients as they are free to focus on their other duties and dreams.
  • Are you Insured?
    We most certainly are! We are happy to provide a COI (Certificate of Insurance) upon request. For any declaration pages or any paperwork needed, just give us a call, or contact us HERE.
  • Do you charge by the hour?
    Yes and No. Those charges vary depending on the frequency of cleaning, the amount/type of cleaning to be done (i.e., “light cleaning” vs. “deep cleaning”), the time spent cleaning unanticipated issues, the use of different chemicals/equipment required to do a job, and whether or not you have contracted services. Time is a factor, but not the only determinate of cost.
  • Is a long-term contract required for service?
    Absolutely not. Our services are provided as needed to suit your busy lifestyle. There are no long-term contracts or obligations required. You may find that a contract is the best way to help you budget and prevent fluctuations in billing as well as to lock in specific dates/times. By securing a price for services, you may receive a lower per visit charge and postpone price increases or avoid rescheduling fees. We find that many of our clients prefer having services at regular intervals with a time reserved to guarantee that we will be available to come at that time.
  • How about references?
    We gladly give references from our hundreds of satisfied clients. You may also view testimonials or our Google Business Profile as well!
  • What if something in my home is broken or damaged?
    If a breakage occurs, we will make every effort to have the item repaired or replaced. We are bonded and insured to cover unfortunate incidents or damages of a larger nature.
  • Do you furnish cleaning supplies?
    Yes. We furnish everything needed to clean your home. However, we will use your equipment or supplies if you prefer. We do recommend that you provide your own vacuum if you have one available for convenience and sanitation reasons. You need not worry about having what we need though. We come prepared.
  • What if I have a pet?
    We love pets! Just make sure you mention them when booking as some employees have allergies. It may also mean we want to use different products for cleaning. Knowing a little about your pet(s) will also help us interact with them or know if we are to stay clear. We also ask that you let us know what to do in the event that you are not at home when we clean and your adorable critter escapes the confines of home (emergency contact number, neighbor’s name or number that may be familiar with your pet, etc.) After all, pets are family too.
  • What Should I Do With My Pets During the House Cleaning?
    Please advise us if you have pets and provide any information regarding your pets that would be helpful for us to know. Some clients prefer to restrict their pets during the cleaning process via a kennel, backyard, or other area. We do not mind working around them as long as they are friendly and don’t mind us. You know your pet(s). We appreciate your doing what makes them comfortable with our presence.
  • What should I expect on my first appointment?
    When we arrive, we will be equipped prepared with all the cleaning supplies and equipment needed to thoroughly clean your home or business. It is appreciated if you can do a walk-thru with employees in order to familiarize them with your expectations and specifics of the job. After that, you are free to sit and sip coffee, go shopping, or do whatever you need to do. Your first appointment generally takes the longest, as we will need time to get acquainted familiarize ourselves with a new environment and may need to do deep cleaning of some areas. Subsequent appointments will move along faster.
  • Do I need to be present the day of cleaning?
    Some customers prefer scheduling cleaning appointments to occur when they will not be in the home or office, while others like to be present during the process. This is up to you. It is helpful if you are there to greet them on the day of first services or leave a detailed list. Regardless of your schedule, you are certain to receive superior housekeeping service - guaranteed!
  • How will you enter on my scheduled days of cleaning if I do not plan to be there?
    We leave this up to you, whatever you feel most comfortable with. 1) You may give us a key. 2) You can leave a key under a doormat the day of cleaning. 3) You can give us the code to the garage. 4) You can leave the door unlocked the day of cleaning. We also ask for instructions for when we leave. Will we lock up or leave the door unlocked? Is there an alarm and security protocol for staff to follow?
  • What If I Accidentally Lock the Cleaners Out on My Cleaning Day?
    Just as with rescheduling fees, if we are locked out on cleaning day and we cannot contact you for instructions on how to gain entrance or have you come let us in, you will likely be assessed a lock-out fee of $30. We want to help you avoid incurring these additional fees! Most of our clients either provide us with a key, hide one on the premises, or simply leave a designated door open on cleaning day.
  • What Should I Do About My Security/Alarm System on Cleaning Day?
    If you have a security system, please make the necessary arrangements to give us access to your home or office on your scheduled day. Some clients establish a guest or temporary code for this purpose.
  • Do I need to do anything before you arrive?
    The best way to prepare for your cleaners is to decide exactly what you want done and how. If you will not be home when our employees arrive, be sure to provide us with a detailed list of what you want done. (Ask us for a checklist for suggestions when we do the walk through or when you schedule the appointment.) The more you can tell us about what you want, the better we can service your needs. Please remove any items that may delay our environmental technicians in the cleaning of your space. This will maximize efficiency and minimize the time we spend cleaning. Just leave the rest to us! Above all else, clear communication is key.
  • How do I get cleaning services started?
    It is as easy as giving us a call or sending an email! The first thing we will do is visit your home to discuss your individual cleaning needs, and to give you a free estimate. Phone estimates can be given but be aware that they may not be as accurate as in person walk-throughs. We will discuss with you our wide range of services, so that you may choose what you would like us to do for you. Together we will create a work order for our employees. For all services, we like to develop a service agreement with details of what you want done to acknowledge your expectations and ours to guarantee our personalized, consistent, timely service. We schedule a time convenient for you and the work is done. To book, click HERE.
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    We charge a $35 cancellation fee for those cancelling later than 24 hours prior to services. This is because we have reserved our employees’ time and need to compensate them. The exception is when you have contracted services. In that event, the fee may be waived.
  • What if I need to reschedule a service?
    We try to be flexible if you need to reschedule but cannot guarantee the same time frame for rescheduled appointments. A service agreement helps prevent a charge for rescheduling.
  • When do I pay you?
    Many clients are unsure of when payment is due. Our typical procedure is to send an invoice via email once the work has been completed. If a client prefers to pay at the time of service, it is preferred that they discuss the charges with the office and place payment in a sealed envelope. If paying by emailed invoice, payment is expected within two weeks of service unless otherwise agreed. There is an option to pay online when you receive your invoice or you may pay by credit card over the phone calling the office at 319.471.3880, or mail a check to the ACS office at the address on your invoice.
  • How much do you charge to shampoo carpets?
    Our charges are based on the size of rooms, soil of carpets, and whether you have pets. Although we have a predetermined charge for these, it is wise to have someone come out to review the area in order to obtain a more accurate estimate. Please keep in mind that we will do our best to keep costs down. We may recommend replacing the carpet if we feel that the cost of cleaning is more than the value of the carpet. Click HERE for a free estimate.
  • What do I need to do before carpet shampooing?
    It is helpful and saves time if you move any furniture that will be moved and vacuum the carpet before we arrive. Although our technicians can do these things, there is an upcharge for moving furniture and one can never vacuum enough.
  • How much do you charge for move-out cleaning?
    Move-out cleaning can vary widely. If the space is relatively clean to start, naturally, it will cost less to clean. What we emphasize is the final product. Our goal is to leave your place in a condition that will pass inspection of your landlord or future buyer. We also work with our clients to determine the specific cleaning they desire. Some people prefer to have us clean bathrooms and kitchens only. Others want total house/apartment. Still others want us to include carpet shampooing. Even then, there are a lot of variables. For example, ornate ceiling fans and light fixtures can add cost because they are more time consuming to clean. Windows are another variable that we need to consider. We will assess the style of the window and whether we do inside windows and tracks only or include outside as well. We prefer making a visit where we can take notes and then give a more accurate estimate. Phone estimates will usually be higher in order to absorb and offset the unknown. Click HERE for a free estimate.
  • What if the invoice exceeds the estimate?
    Hopefully, through good communication, there will be no surprises like this. We make every attempt to give a fair estimate and to contact the client during the job if something comes up that will push the cost up. It can happen though that we encounter something that was not noticed at the time of the estimate. Sometimes an estimate will be given before furnishings are removed, and what is left behind is worse than anticipated. We always give our employees the estimated time expected to complete the job. If at any time our employees think they might exceed that estimate by more than 10%, they are instructed to call the ACS office and/or the client to authorize the additional time. Please don’t hesitate to call the office at 319.471.3880 if you have any questions about your bill.
  • Do you offer green cleaning?
    Yes, we offer green cleaning. Please notify us at the time of booking if you require 100% green cleaning. We have trained our employees to use the least toxic products that will accomplish the job. In addition, if you have a preference in products (green or otherwise), do not hesitate to tell us. Often in such a case, a client may choose to provide these products for our employees.
  • Emergency Cleaning
    ACS does emergency cleaning. Emergencies can take all forms and include anything from a burst pipe to a trashed office to an unexpected, last-minute, visit from out-of-town family members. We make every attempt to answer such calls in a swift manner although overnight services may not always be an option. We sometimes advise working with other professionals to make sure the job is done correctly or if we do not have the proper equipment. As always, services depend on the availability of employees.
  • Biohazard Cleaning Services
    We offer limited biohazard cleaning services. You should expect higher than normal charges for this type of cleaning due to the risk to our employees of handling such materials. This includes cleaning of such things like vomit, blood, urine, feces…human or animal.
  • Do your employees accept/expect tips?
    We have not trained our employees to expect tips. However, we know that they work hard and some display extraordinary customer relations. Tips are always a nice way to appreciate them as we cannot always pay what they really should be worth. We know for a fact that a little extra monetary compensation increases morale and motivation. We thank you on their behalf for appreciating them.
  • What if I am not satisfied with my cleaning?
    Your complete satisfaction is very important to us. That is why we offer a 24-hour 100% satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your home cleaning, just simply give us a call within 24 hours of your services, and we will return to re-clean the area you are dissatisfied with, at no cost to you.
  • If I sign a monthly cleaning services agreement, can I have the same person come every time?
    We make every attempt to be consistent and send the same employee to your home or office for repeat services. The advantage of having the same person come is that they learn a routine and can then perform the job more quickly and efficiently, not to mention the trust and communication that can be built between both you the customer and us as the service provider. Generally, we send at least two employees to each job so that we have more than one employee that is familiar with your specific needs. This helps if there is an illness/expected absence of your regular cleaner. If you have an issue with a specific employee, please notify the ACS office immediately. We will take disciplinary action if needed and/or assign a different employee to provide your services.
  • Why will my initial clean be more expensive than my other regularly scheduled services?
    Our experience shows that the first cleaning takes longer because our employees are learning your expectations. The more familiar they become with your situation, the quicker they can move through their duties. Also, the first cleaning may require more deep cleaning to bring things up to par.
  • Can I get a discount if I refer my friend?
    Certainly! We offer a 10% discount for all referrals, so send them our way! Make sure they mention your name, so we know who to give credit to.
  • Are there any other ways besides referrals that I can get a discount?
    Watch our website/Facebook page for specials. We also offer a 5% discount to clients that submit a written testimonial that can be posted on Google, Facebook or our website. Select testimonials will be chosen for additional discount in a drawing. Our employees like hearing they did a good job! Let us know how we did.
  • Do you offer house cleaning gift certificates?
    Yes. You can purchase a gift certificate for cleaning services by phone (319 471-3880) or online at: us. We can mail or email certificates to you or anyone you choose at no additional cost. We can invoice you for the certificate online and you can pay online. It is very easy.
  • How can I share my experience with ACS?
    You can tell your friends about ACS. Have them mention your name to get your 10% off your next service once we have completed services for your friend. Writing a testimonial for us to share on Facebook or our website is another way to share and earns you 5% discount on your next services. Submit testimonials HERE.
  • What makes ACS different from other cleaning services?
    It is not one single thing that ACS does differently but a combination of things that set us apart. From our friendly and professional approach to our bonded, insured and background-checked employees - we take cleaning seriously. We train our employees to check their work and the work of their fellow employees, and gladly return to fix anything they may miss. Most importantly, we listen to our customers and specially tailor each job to the individual customer’s needs. We are currently working on an app that will make communicating with our employees and customers even easier. This is cutting edge for the cleaning industry. We do not just work in this community, we also encourage our employees to be involved in community services, outreach programs, and participate in community events. ACS has worked with organizations such as Goodwill, the VA, Iowa City Shelter House, and others to continue to not just work in the community but help those in need. We have even participated in events such as the annual University of Iowa Hawkeye Homecoming Parade winning best of community each and every year that we have participated.
  • What should I do if I am exposed to someone that is diagnosed with COVID-19?
    If you have been diagnosed with COVID-19 or have been in close contact with someone with COVID for an extended time, please contact our office. We may or may not choose to reschedule your appointment depending on the circumstances. Our employees and other customers will thank you for making us aware.
  • Do you do Electrostatic Spraying?
    ACS does own an electrostatic sprayer. If this type of disinfection is desired, we can make it happen!
  • Do employees/residents need to leave the premises when disinfecting is performed?
    Yes. Depending on the process and extent of cleaning, the premises should be vacated between 30 minutes to 2 hours after disinfecting or overnight in some cases. We will inform you at the time of services.
  • What kind of routine cleaning do you do to prevent COVID-19?
    We recommend regular cleaning with daily or more frequent disinfecting of touch points. Depending on your situation touch point cleaning may need to be done multiple times during the day depending on the traffic through your area.
  • Can I do my own COVID cleaning after someone has entered my facility and been diagnosed with COVID?
    Technically, yes. However, we do recommend that you either hire someone that is trained or seek advice from a trusted professional. Wear a mask and gloves when cleaning. Make sure you read product labels to make sure the product(s) kill COVID virus.
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