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Carpet Cleaning in Iowa City

ACS offers both commercial and residential carpet cleaning services, as well as hard surface floor cleaning.  There is never a bad time to rejuvenate your home or business with a thorough cleaning.  Affordable Cleaning Services reminds you that a scheduled cleaning strategy is good for your health because it improves the indoor air quality of your spaces. Research shows more than eight out of ten homeowners feel their family’s health is directly related to how clean their floors are. This is especially true of carpeting because shampooing in regular intervals helps manage dust and allergen accumulations.


9 tips to improve indoor air quality at your home and business:

  • Vacuum frequently.

  • Clean carpets often.

  • Keep sidewalks and entrances clean.

  • Use mats to trap soil at all points of entry and clean regularly.

  • Use high quality vacuum cleaners and maintain as required.

  • Clean drapes, upholstery, and other soft surfaces routinely.

  • Change furnace filters as recommended.

  • Control the humidity.

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ACS Carpet Care Steps

image of employee greeting customer

1. The first step is to decide whether you are looking to have your carpet cleaned wall-to-wall or just pathways/high traffic areas.

employee vaccuming carpet

2. Next step is preparing your floor by removing debris, (nails, pens, pennies, etc.) and vacuuming the floor.

employee applying cleaning solution to carpet

3. The next step is preparation of our chemicals and pre-treatment of your floor.

cleaning carpet

4. Next we will agitate/buffer the floor.

Cleaning Carpet

5. From there we will spray carpet and extract water and dirt.

Drying Carpet

6. Dry carpet

Why should I trust ACS?


ACS got its start in cleaning by serving commercial clients, many of which we continue to serve today. Our commercial cleaning team in Iowa City tries very hard to learn exactly how you want the job done in order to suit your needs. We tailor the cleaning plan for each office or establishment.


Employees all go through background screenings, and we guarantee you satisfaction with our services. Should you be dissatisfied with the performance of our employees, or if they overlooked something, we will send someone back until you are happy. Our goal is to ease our clients’ mind and free up their time by providing cleaning services that allow them to pursue those things most important to them. We have succeeded in doing this by hiring the right people, providing continuous training, and developing good relationships with our employees and our customers. We stress open communications to help us immediately address any problems. We also welcome your suggestions to improve our services.  We feel that we provide the best services by helping our team members to be their personal best. Click here to learn more about the ACS team.

Hold us accountable. Customize or update your commercial cleaning plan anytime.


Every office and establishment in Iowa City has different commercial cleaning needs. This is why we provide flexible cleaning plans specifically tailored for you. We can also update the plan anytime you need us to. Just call us and we’ll reschedule the cleaning service or modify your plan.


We recommend a service agreement for cost-effective pricing and a time-block guarantee. You can still customize the duties with your personal environmental technician for each visit as your needs change. Just let us know!

How It Works

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