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Commercial Cleaning Services

The success of your business depends on how productive your employees feel and how comfortable your visitors are within your premises. For this reason, we provide thorough and efficient commercial cleaning services in Iowa City. We customize a plan that works best for your office or establishment.

Team ACS takes the time to assess your site and understand your cleaning requirements before we get started with any commercial and janitorial cleaning services.

Invest in a professional cleaning plan. Research has shown multiple benefits associated with having a clean workspace:

  1. Improved air quality

  2. Better overall health of staff and visitors

  3. A safer workplace

  4. A professional appearance

  5. Increased productivity

  6. Lower cases of absenteeism

  7. Promotes a more positive environment for both employees and clients.

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Workers are more focused and productive in a clean environment. Keep your space clean and organized — watch how it affects your team’s mindset.

Customers and clients expect cleanliness, too. Sure, the way you communicate with them and the way your staff handles their concerns ultimately affect transactions and deals. But they’ll also feel more at ease if your lobby is tidy, your floors are squeaky clean, and your restroom is spotless.

Schedule commercial cleaning services to leave a good impression on anyone who enters your establishment.

ACS has also seen how routine cleaning lowers the overall maintenance costs of our Iowa City clients — it keeps carpets and floors in great shape so you don’t have to replace them immediately.

Why should I trust ACS?


ACS got its start in cleaning by serving commercial clients, many of which we continue to serve today. Our commercial cleaning team in Iowa City tries very hard to learn exactly how you want the job done in order to suit your needs. We tailor the cleaning plan for each office or establishment.


Some of our clients operate warehouses where basic scrubbing is the main focus. Others are executive offices where the client has more of a need to make the public feel comfortable in their facility, and the “white glove cleaning” is necessary.


Our clients can verify that we deliver what they expect:

  • An eye for detail and careful cleaning of touch points

  • Bonded and insured commercial cleaning company

  • Availability of a Certificate of Insurance upon request

  • Good customer relations in addition to thorough cleaning services

  • Customized scope of work based on each client’s needs and schedule


Team ACS handles everything from basic cleaning to deep cleaning. Let us keep your workspace clean and carefully maintained!

COVID Certified

If you have a COVID exposure at your place of business, we are certified to come in and disinfect your facility so that it is safe for you, your employees, and your customers. We use a disinfectant and antimicrobial surface protectant and fog the area affected to eliminate airborne viruses and bacteria. We use a process and solution that meets CDC guidelines and is safe for every-day use. We can help you reduce the risk of infection or illness, prevent cross-contamination, and keep operations downtime to a minimum.


We are here to serve YOU!

Employees all go through background screenings, and we guarantee you satisfaction with our services. Should you be dissatisfied with the performance of our employees, or if they overlooked something, we will send someone back until you are happy. Our goal is to ease our clients’ mind and free up their time by providing cleaning services that allow them to pursue those things most important to them. We have succeeded in doing this by hiring the right people, providing continuous training, and developing good relationships with our employees and our customers. We stress open communications to help us immediately address any problems. We also welcome your suggestions to improve our services. We feel that we provide the best services by helping our team members to be their personal best.

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Hold us accountable. Customize or update your commercial cleaning plan anytime.


Every office and establishment in Iowa City has different commercial cleaning needs. This is why we provide flexible cleaning plans specifically tailored for you. We can also update the plan anytime you need us to. Just call us and we’ll reschedule the cleaning service or modify your plan.


We recommend a service agreement for cost-effective pricing and a time-block guarantee. You can still customize the duties with your personal environmental technician for each visit as your needs change. Just let us know!

How It Works

We are sure you may have several questions remaining. We recommend that you click HERE to visit our
FAQ page. Please never hesitate to CALL or EMAIL to book services, have us help answer any questions
or concerns for a direct and more immediate response.

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