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Licensed & Insured


Professional Home Cleaning Services

Give your home the deep and proper cleaning it needs.

Is your home due for a one-time deep clean? Or perhaps you’re looking for regular scheduled services to keep your place tidy? Either way, ACS provides residential cleaning services in Iowa City and nearby areas.

Our team at Affordable Cleaning Services works closely with you to determine what type of cleaning your house needs. We take the time to understand exactly what needs to be done and how often we should clean.

Benefits of having ACS clean your home:

  • Saves you time to be with family/friends

  • Saves you the stress of cleaning 

  • Improves air quality in your home 

  • Gives you a safer/healthier environment to live in

  • Makes maintenance cleaning easier


It may not seem that difficult to clean your home, but there may be times that you don’t have the time or the energy for it. Maybe you have a deep clean project too big for you to do alone, or a job out of your knowledge or comfort level. That’s what our professional house cleaners are here for.


We provide thorough and efficient house cleaning services for Iowa City residents. The ACS team also caters to homeowners in nearby areas. If you are looking to have a quality job done at an affordable price, and in a specific time frame, we can do it for you.

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Why should I trust ACS?

Trust is just as important as quality work. It is something we take great pride in. That’s why we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


We at ACS-Affordable Cleaning Services are a family-owned business based in Iowa City. We have been in the home cleaning industry since 2001 and personally in business since 2013. We have lived in the Iowa City area since 1997.

We consider our employees family. The national cleaning service average time to retain an employee in the industry is three months. ACS can proudly boast that most of our employees have been with us for six years or longer.

The loyalty of employees, management, and clients (or as we refer to them, “friends with needs”) helps to create higher morale and a noticeable increase in productivity. This relationship also increases productivity and creates better morale for our clients as they are free to focus on their other duties and dreams.

Employees all go through background screenings, and we guarantee you satisfaction with our services. Should you be dissatisfied with the performance of our employees, or if they overlooked something, we  send someone back until you are happy. Our goal is to ease our clients’ mind and free up their time by providing cleaning services that allow them to pursue those things most important to them. We have succeeded in doing this by hiring the right people, providing continuous training, and developing good relationships with our employees and our customers. We stress open communications to help us immediately address any problems. We also welcome your suggestions to improve our services.  We feel that we provide the best services by helping our team members to be their personal best. Click here to learn more about the ACS team. Contact us today for honest, dependable, and efficient residential cleaning services in Iowa City.

We are here to serve YOU. 

We also welcome your suggestions to improve our residential cleaning services. We feel that we provide the best services by helping our team members to be their personal best.

Click here to learn more about the ACS team

Hold us accountable. Customize your home cleaning with a specialized service agreement:

The ACS team has been providing house cleaning services long enough to understand that Iowa City families and individuals have varying needs. For this reason, we provide flexible cleaning plans tailored to your needs.

For the best ongoing price and guarantee of your preferred time, we recommend a service agreement to secure great pricing and a preferred time block guarantee. You can still customize the duties with your personal environmental technician for each visit as your needs change. Just let us know!

We value communication. This lets us know whether you want the entire house cleaned or if you want us to focus on specific rooms or areas. It also allows us to determine the best course of action to keep your place sparkling clean for longer.

If you need us to make some changes to your residential cleaning plan, you can customize or change it through a phone call or an email. We’ll update it quickly. It’s that easy.


ACS is bonded and insured. Not only is your property safe with us, but your secrets are as well. We respect your privacy! We will clean your home but promise we only “see” what you want us to see.

How It Works

We are sure you may have several questions remaining. We recommend that you click HERE to visit our
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. Please never hesitate to CALL or EMAIL to book services, have us help answer any questions
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