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ACS offers full-service post-construction cleaning. We work closely with the construction crew or property owner to develop a cleaning list. We are experienced in post-construction of houses, dorm rooms, offices, larger commercial properties, and more. Although this is something you can do yourself, it is a tedious job as dust from construction is difficult to eradicate. It often takes the proper equipment to do the job right. We have that.

Post-construction generally involves the following:

  • Removal of any debris left-over from construction

  • Tackling of any stains or spots such as paint or excessive caulking or adhesive residue

  • Wiping down of windows, glass doors, and partitions

  • Removing of any stickers on glass or appliances

  • Washing down of walls, door frames, baseboards, counters, and other surfaces

  • Sweeping and vacuuming of floors

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Post-Construction cleaning may also involve cleaning of other areas that were affected by the construction dust and/or sanitizing of fixtures. We at ACS understand that even though many aspects of post-construction cleaning are similar to regular cleaning, it is more intensive due to the resiliency of dust. If you don’t have the proper equipment, it makes the job even tougher. You can rent this type of equipment, but the cost and time involved may mean it is more efficient to call an expert. When making this decision, you will want to consider the following:

  • Safety – Professionals understand the hazards that can be encountered, such as stray nails and glass shards, to say nothing of dust particles that can cause difficulties in breathing.

  • Skills – Yes, anyone can clean, but the pros are more efficient and effective. They have been trained in the best methods and have the proper equipment for the job. And they know where to look for the dust and paint splatters.

  • Equipment – Unless you want to risk damaging your vacuum, you will want to rent professional equipment and this can get expensive. The pros bring their own equipment for the job.

  • Budget – You might save a few dollars by doing the job yourself, but is it really worth it and are you actually saving? Between equipment, supplies, and trash disposal the costs can quickly add up. If your time is limited or you have a deadline to meet, it may well be worth it to spend the money for a professional crew.


So next time you have post construction cleaning that needs to be done, call the professionals at ACS. We will start with a rough cleaning, followed by a deep clean, followed by a touch-up clean- or we tailor the project to your needs. We are the team that listens to what the client wants. Call ACS today for your next post-construction project.

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