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Conquering Winter Woes with Sparkling Cleanliness

Hello, fellow Iowans! February in Iowa City and North Liberty brings crisp air, cozy sweaters, and...well, let's face it, a whole lot of winter grime. Snow tracked in, salt stains on floors, and dust bunnies multiplying like snowflakes – It's enough to make even the tidiest Hawkeye fan sigh. But fear not, friends, because ACS - Affordable Cleaning Service is here to tackle those winter woes and bring back the sparkle to your home or office!

Residential Rescue: Spring Clean Before Spring Arrives! Don't wait for the

first robin to declutter your haven! Let our expert cleaners banish the winter

blues with a deep clean that'll leave your home feeling fresh and

rejuvenated. We will melt away mud and salt. We will tackle those entryway

messes, leaving your floors spotless and ready for spring sandals. We will

defrost the dust bunnies from ceiling fans to baseboards. We'll conquer

dust bunnies of all shapes and sizes. We can tame the laundry avalanche.

Whether it's winter gear or cozy sweats, we'll fold, organize, and put

everything in its rightful place. We’ll clean those windows to let the

sunshine in revealing the beauty of winter landscapes outside.

Commercial Conquest: Keep your place of business shining through the

snowy winter weather that can wreak havoc on your office too. We will help

you combat the coffee crusaders by banishing coffee spills and other

kitchen messes, ensuring a clean and hygienic breakroom. Then we’ll

tackle those desk defenders by attacking keyboards, phones, and other

germ hotspots, keeping your employees healthy and productive. We can

clear the winter cobwebs. From high shelves to dusty corners, we'll

eliminate dust bunnies and cobwebs, creating a brighter and more inviting

work environment. More than just cleaning, we're your winter wellness

partners. At ACS, we believe a clean space is a healthy space, especially

during the winter months. That's why we use eco-friendly cleaning


Keep your family, employees, and the environment safe while achieving a

sparkling clean space. We offer flexible scheduling. We work around your

busy schedule to ensure a seamless cleaning experience.

We are your local cleaning experts and winner of The City’s Best Award

four years in a row. We provide personalized service and are dedicated to

understanding your unique needs. So, ditch the winter blues and embrace

the clean! Contact ACS today for a free quote and experience the magic of

a sparkling clean home or office. We guarantee you'll be breathing easier

and feeling happier in no time.

P.S. Show your Hawkeye pride! Mention this blog post when you schedule

your cleaning and get 10% off your first service. Let's go Hawks, and let's

go clean!

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