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Affordable Cleaning Services: The 4-peat!

Hey Iowa City! ACS is here with some BIG news, and it's not about that stubborn stain

you just can't conquer (although we can definitely help with that, too). For the FOURTH

YEAR IN A ROW, Affordable Cleaning Services has been voted the City's Best for Best

Local Cleaning Company!

That's right, folks, we're on a winning streak that would make Coach Bluder proud

(although maybe not quite as impressive as the Hawkeyes Women’s 3 peat!).

This award means the world to us at ACS. Year after year, you've trusted us to keep

your homes and businesses sparkling clean. Whether you're a Hawkeye die-hard glued

to the TV during March Madness or you need a post-tournament cleaning blitz, we're

here to make your life a little easier.

Here's what makes this award extra special:

 It's all about YOU: This award is a direct reflection of your amazing feedback

and continued support. You're the reason we keep winning!

 We're local: Just like the Hawkeyes, we're homegrown. We know and love Iowa

City, and we're committed to providing top-notch cleaning services to our


 Consistency is key: Four years running! That's a testament to our dedication to

quality, reliability, and making sure your place shines brighter than Carver-

Hawkeye Arena.

So, from the bottom of our clean-loving hearts, THANK YOU! We're so grateful for

your trust and can't wait to keep Iowa City sparkling for years to come.

In the meantime, celebrate with us! Share this post, refer your friends (they'll thank

you!), and let's keep ACS - Affordable Cleaning Services on top. Here's to another year

of championship cleaning and, hopefully, another Hawkeye national championship run.

Go Hawks (and go sparkling clean homes and businesses!)

P.S.  Looking for a free quote or want to learn more about our services? We'd love to

hear from you! Contact Affordable Cleaning Services today and let us help you win back

your weekends (and free yourself from cleaning duty forever).

Stay Clean My Friends!

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