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Office Manager/HR Manager

Meet Paula, our Office Manager/HR manager. Paula joined our team in 2014 as Office Manager after spending years homeschooling, running her own daycare, and working retail. Paula has a BA in psychology as well as teaching certification. She has helped develop systems and organize the office. She has literally done every office task there is from developing forms, to hiring and training employees, to bookkeeping and blog writing, to counseling employees, to customer service, and even worked side-by-side with employees in the field.

Paula is the proud mother of our owner as well as 3 other children. She and her husband Randy also have four grandchildren and enjoy being part of their lives. She has been active in community events…politics, 4-H, and church. Paula says that the heart of her home is no longer the kitchen but the office where all the action takes place. Paula is often referred to as “Mom” by our employees and loves playing that role.

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