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Spring Cleaning…Letting in the Light

It’s that time of year again when our ancestors tackled the dreaded Spring Cleaning chores. For them it was of paramount importance. The house had been shut up as tightly as possible all winter to keep out the cold air, thus trapping inside germs, soot from the fireplace that heated the home, and God only knows what varmints that sought warmth in their abode. You may be tempted to think that since we no longer heat our homes with a fireplace and control pests better, there is no need to continue the age-old practice of Spring cleaning. The reasons to do Spring Cleaning may have changed, but the task itself is still important today. After another year of COVID, it is especially important. Cleaning those corners not only rids the house of dirt and cobwebs that have somehow made their way into every crook and cranny but can irradiate COVID and other germs that may linger there as well. Whether you or someone in your household or office has had COVID or not, a good clean will give you a psychological boost. It has been no secret that the shorter days have led to the darkness we feel within ourselves. The added stress of isolation of the last two years dealing with the pandemic has left many feeling closed off and alone. The stagnation of staying at home has built up clutter and piles of painful memories as a result. It is time to open the windows and doors and let the light shine in.

Beyond these rudimentary reasons, there are a multitude of other bonuses to be had by giving the house or office a good thorough cleaning. Why is Spring Cleaning Important? At the top of the list is that you may find lost items. It can feel like a treasure hunt finding those items you thought were lost and gone forever. Maybe items weren’t actually lost, butt hey had been stored in a dark place and forgotten. I remember growing up and sorting through trunks of memorabilia during Spring cleaning. It was always a time to reminisce and learn more about my roots. Another bonus of a deep clean is that it may increase your productivity. By decluttering and organizing the things you have, you can then save time in your day-to-day activities. It allows you to get rid of distractions and make your space more efficient. Maybe your files have become so full that you can barely retrieve the things you need. By purging those you no longer need or storing those rarely used, you can perform your daily duties more easily.

Studies show that tidying up the home or workplace makes people happier and can actually improve your mood. All you need to do is close your eyes and visualize a clean, well-organized environment to know this is true. If you are happier, those around you are happier, too. Maybe you made a New Year’s resolution to get healthier. Spring Cleaning can be part of that routine as well. By removing germs and allergens that you miss during routine cleaning, you and those around you will be less susceptible to sneezing and runny nose syndrome. You will rest better and just plain breathe better, because your air quality will improve. By going through closets, drawers, and cabinets, you can clear out what you don’t want or need. This purging will allow you the excuse you have been looking for to go get something new, and we all know that alone can improve your mood. Then you can take those discarded items and have a garage sale, take them to a consignment shop, or sell them online. If you have not done a thorough cleaning for a few years you might even make enough to pay to have ACS come in to help with the dreaded task of Spring Cleaning. As you can see by this list, now is the perfect time to plan that Spring Cleaning event. Many people are battling seasonal depression, which has been enhanced in many instances because of the long-drawn-out isolation that we have all felt because of the social restrictions placed on us because of the pandemic. Even those that did not suffer from a bout with the disease have felt the effects of not being able to do the things they were used to doing. Being confined to home, in many cases even working from home, has contributed to anxiety in increasing numbers of individuals.

So, now that many of the restrictions are being lifted, it is especially important to delve into the practice of Spring Cleaning to help you and your family sweep the house clean and get back on track. So, give yourself the satisfaction of Spring Cleaning. Call ACS to help you. We may not be able to help you decide what things to keep and what to throw, but we can do the clean-up afterward, allowing you to move on to the next project. ACS is experienced in getting those corners clean. It is our mission to “ease our clients’ mind and free up their time by providing cleaning services that allow them to pursue those things most important to them.”

ACS can come in and give your appliances a good cleaning inside, outside, and underneath. We can wipe down cupboards and cabinets that have somehow accumulated dust and crumbs. Maybe the tub and shower have accumulated soap scum or calcium build-up. We can help with that too. Cupboard doors, doors, railings, tend to build up residue from repeated touching, carpets can trap an incredible amount of dirt that even the best vac may have missed. ACS can shampoo carpets and give you a fresher place to rest your feet. Maybe you can handle all the Spring Cleaning purging, organizing, and general household issues, but want someone to come in and do a good sweep of the garage to get rid of cobwebs, sand and blown-in leaves and dirt. We can help with that too.

Don’t wait another minute. Call ACS today to book an appointment. Our friendly staff is ready to help you get the rest of the year off to a good start. We are now celebrating our 10thanniversary of serving Iowa City and the surrounding areas. To show our appreciation, we are offering a 10% discount to those who mention our ad when booking services.

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