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September Mornings

Who doesn’t love September? It marks the beginning of fall, my husband’s favorite  season. The transition to cooler weather paired with falling leaves always makes for a  romantic setting. Not to mention, September reminds us that the holidays are fast  approaching. In my case, that means it’s time to save up so I can buy presents for the  grandkids. That’s pretty hard to do considering that between now and Christmas, about  half the family members have birthdays. 

But you’re not here about that, are you? Let’s get to the point. We are now two-thirds of  the way through the year. It’s a good time to take stock of what we have accomplished  and what we have left on our ominous goals list for the year. For us, this year we have  made huge progress in growing our business and expanding our relationships with  customers. We have battled the loss of clients due to COVID cutbacks, but we have  also felt the strength of maintaining our core staff which is no small feat considering the  job market. We have implemented new cost-saving techniques and used the extra time  to further train employees. We have made it through another moveout season, cleaning  lots of homes, preparing for new tenants. We have weathered the COVID storm thus  far, improving our services to clients. And we have all remained healthy! 

All of this means we are a stronger, more dedicated company, ready to serve you. It is a  good time to take inventory of your house, office, or business. It is time to prepare for  the winter months that will certainly come after the fall. Our grandmothers knew what  they were doing when they dug in and deep cleaned the corners. That kind of cleaning  helps prevent the spread of disease and depression. When you are stuck indoors and  the days are shorter, having a clean environment will lift your mood. Clutter can  affect our anxiety levels, sleep, and ability to focus. It can also make us less  productive, triggering coping and avoidance strategies that make us more likely to  snack on junk and watch TV shows (including ones about other people decluttering their  lives). and-body

Whether it is at home or the office, don’t let an untidy environment stifle your creativity.  We can help you sort it all out. Instead, shuffle through those leaves that will be falling  soon, go to the football game and root for your favorite team. Enjoy that cup of coffee on  the deck while listening to the myriad of songs written about September. But don’t be  sad about summer ending. Be excited about what is yet to come. Make this September  “a time to remember.”

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