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How To Make A Cleaning Schedule That Works

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Maybe you have a hard time keeping your home clean. I did. I never used a cleaning schedule. The big things things got done, but overall, my home stayed dirtier than I felt comfortable with.

I tried several strategies to attack the dirt, but none of them ever worked out for my family. Determined to find a way that works, I set out on a quest to find the best method for staying on top of chores.

I tried every suggestion I came across. Finally, I sat down with my family and created a workable cleaning schedule. My family was not excited, but now we are all happier and our house stays cleaner.

Here’s how to make your own cleaning schedule…

The first step is to make a list of all the areas that need to be cleaned in your home.

note pad-1.1

Next, break each room down into small chunks. Then assign each area to someone 

note pad 1.2a

Once you have that then you can break down how often each task needs completed (daily, twice a week, weekly)

note pad 1.3

Finally, write or type up your list and post it where everyone can see it

Cleaning Schedule 5

The children in your home get their own, age appropriate, list. My kids have a schedule for the summer that includes daily chores. This list must be completed before any of them can watch TV, play video games, or get on the computer.

I also recommend making a schedule for each season as your home’s cleaning needs will change with the weather.

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Stay Clean My Friends

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