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Here Comes the Sun!

Here Comes the Sun!

For many of us, it has seemed to be a LONG winter. Spring seemed a long time coming, but now June is upon us and like the song says, we will be “Walking in Sunshine!” June is the season of the sun, the time of Summer Solstice…the longest day of daylight hours in the Northern Hemisphere. The month was named for Juno, goddess of marriage, which is probably why so many couples choose it as the time to tie the knot. It is International Men’s Month and a time to celebrate fathers. It is also a time to be energized and get things done that we have been putting off. Time to clean out the garage, plant some flowers, deep clean the house, shampoo the carpet, go on vacation… Whatever is on your list, remember that ACS can help you get it done.

The change of seasons is a good time to go through closets and purge worn or outdated items. It is a good time to change the scenery inside your home, whether that means minor changes like rearranging furniture or adding new accents, or major revisions such as painting or completely remodeling a room. June is often the time of major life events. Graduation parties, weddings, relatives moving in or out, or just the relatives stopping by on vacation for a visit. All of these, while generally happy times, can cause a great deal of stress and require extra time to get the house looking its best.

Celebrating the man of the house this month may mean that you clean out the garage. Once you discard the items you no longer want/use, give us a call at ACS. We can help knock down the cobwebs and clean up the floor. Dad will enjoy his projects more if he has a cleaner space to work in, and Mom might find extra space to store seasonal decorations. We are offering a 20% discount on garage, deck and siding power washing services for the month of June to help you out.

Maybe June means you will be having an employee or customer appreciation day at the office. You will want the space to look fresh and inviting, and nothing says that better than a clean and polished facility.

Just having the sun shine, you may see those dust bunnies that have been hiding throughout the winter, or maybe you are tired of doing the dusting and polishing yourself. We know that life gets busy, and that’s why we are here. No matter the reason you need help, just give ACS a call. We can help with all your cleaning needs, whether it is light housecleaning, deep cleaning, office cleaning, garage cleaning, one-time, or ongoing services. Check us out to see all the services we provide.

So, if you find yourself humming the Beatles’ “Here Comes the Sun” as you think of the things you want on your to-do list, but then groan in anticipation of the extra work you will need to do, don’t stress out. Remember, ACS has trusted employees that can help you with those jobs, so you have plenty of time to do the OTHER things on your summer fun list…swimming, ball games, vacations, having a barbeque with the neighbors…whatever your heart desires.

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