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Don’t Let Spring Cleaning Defeat You!

Spring is the time of year for new beginnings. The earth has long followed this cycle of new plants, trees blossoming anew, and longer days producing more energy for us. Traditionally, housewives used this time to air out the house after winter to get rid of dust and lingering germs causing illness. This year with the pandemic, it is important to revert to that tradition of deep clean to clear out stagnant air that can contribute to respiratory illnesses. A good cleaning can also boost your mood especially if you have been housebound because of the pandemic.

A good basic cleaning includes the following:

Dust ceiling fans and light fixtures.

Clean windowsills and window tracks.

Vacuum curtains and window blinds.

Wipe down baseboards and shoe molding and dust corners for cobwebs.

Test batteries in all your smoke detectors.

Disinfect doorknobs, cabinet handles and light switches.

With today’s hectic lifestyles, this probably only scratches the surface of what we should clean. When I was growing up, we used this time to do tasks like defrosting the refrigerator and freezer. With modern appliances, this is hardly needed, but it is still a good time to empty them out and give them a thorough scrub down, as well as a pullout to clean the back and rid the underneath of debris that has crept in.

While you are in the kitchen, you will probably want to do a deep clean of the oven, dishwasher, and all small appliances that may have been neglected. And what about a wipe down of the cupboard shelves and reorganization of the dishes? Has the Tupperware taken over, threatening to spill out when you open the cupboard door?

You will want to include organizing the bathroom cabinets and your dresser drawers as well as your closet, tossing out any expired or unused items.

Make sure that your bedding is fresh and turn that mattress if you have one that you flip. It is a good idea to either have the mattress professionally cleaned or spray it with appropriate disinfectant and vacuum if it is a tempurpedic that is not eligible for shampooing.

Be sure you clean behind the washer and dryer as this is a prime place for gathering of dust and those socks you couldn’t find. Thoroughly clean your lint trap and washer to keep them at top efficiency.

Remember it is a good time to go through the kids toys and get rid of things they no longer play with and disinfect those they do use. A quick run through the washing machine or dishwasher may be appropriate for some, but others should be wiped down with a disinfectant cloth.

If you are like most people these days, you are spending more time at your computer. This can be cleaned as well by spraying the keyboard with canned air and wiping down the mouse, etc. with a disinfectant wipe…and don’t forget the phone.

But you’re not finished yet! You will want to tidy up outside spaces as well since you will be venturing out to enjoy the nice weather. Maybe you need to give the garage a good cleaning or reorganizing, or pressure wash your deck and outdoor furniture. Rinse out the garbage cans to rid them of gunk that will attract insects. Perhaps the screens and windows need cleaning.

This is certainly not an exhaustive list, but if it has you overwhelmed, call ACS. We can help you accomplish these and other tasks or just do a basic cleaning. Whatever the case, don’t worry if you have spring fever. We can help you stay on top of things and enjoy summer.

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