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Creepy Crawly Things

It’s that time of year when we think about spiders, mice, and other creepy things that enter our home. If you are like most people, you prefer not to deal with these intrusions. I used to lament the coming of fall, knowing it was inevitable that my home would be invaded.

I can still remember my first experience of having to deal with mice as an adult with a home of my own. I was terrified, sitting on the couch with my feet drawn up, hugging my knees. Fortunately, a call to an exterminator eliminated the problem before much damage occurred.

Unfortunately, this was not my only exposure. A few years later, I moved to a farmhouse where mice and spiders were abundant. My mother smiled and shrugged and informed me that living near a field, it was inevitable to have to battle these varmints on an annual basis. This did not relieve my panic, but as the years went by, I did learn that I could be in control and prevent substantial damage these little beasts could inflict. Nothing is sacred to them. They will gnaw through paper, cardboard, wood, food, or non-food.

When my kids were little, I read them the books about Ralph S. Mouse. They were so in love with Ralph they wanted to bring pet rats into my house. After much begging and pleading, I succumbed to the pressure in order to save the critters from extinction by the first-grade teacher who no longer wanted them in the classroom. Little did I know that what they were bringing home were relatives of Mighty Mouse. Within 24 hours, they had broken out of their cage and found asylum in the recesses of my house. It took me the better part of a day, but I tracked the rotten scoundrels down and sent them packing back to school.

About this time, the movie Arachnophobia came out. I made the mistake of letting my kids watch the movie, thus instilling a fear of spiders in the girls and an obsession to torment them in my son. Here again, location played a part in the continuation of these actions/reactions as living in the country you are smack in the middle of a breeding ground for all kinds of creepy crawlies providing plenty of ammunition.

So now, years later, I find that my grandchildren continue the fears I unwittingly instilled in my children. I have, however, learned that proper preparation in the fall, cleaning of corners and careful storage of sentimental objects and food items does a lot for deterring the unwelcomed visits from the creepy crawlies in my home. It is something that takes intention and diligence, but it is possible to diminish the critters that participate in the fall invasion.

A good place to start the preparation is outside. Clean your gutters, clear your flower beds, remove leaves from the yard (especially around the house), power wash the deck, clean the garage, make sure spider webs are cleared from outdoor lights by the entry regularly.

Next, you are ready to move indoors. Clean the corners, the closets, the windowsills and tracks. Make a concerted effort to keep all foods in airtight containers. Store momentos carefully to protect them from destruction. Sweep the corners, including the corners of the ceilings. Wipe down ceiling fans. You may even want to shampoo the carpet and furniture. Remove all temptation for the unsolicited guests to settle in. Most of all, remember that you do not have to do all this alone. Affordable Cleaning Services trains their employees to help you with these and other tasks. Then sit back, enjoy that book or movie about the creepy crawlies without having to worry about them disrupting your home.

Just to be clear, ACS is not an extermination company, but we can help you with many of the preventative tasks waiting for you. Here’s a list of things we can do:

  1. Deck power washing

  2. Garage cleaning

  3. Entry door area cleaning

  4. Cobweb removal inside the home

  5. Light fixture and bench press ceiling fan cleaning

  6. Cleaning behind appliances in kitchen and laundry room

  7. Cleaning inside appliances including gaskets, etc.

  8. Wiping out inside of cupboards

  9. Shampooing carpets

  10. Shampooing furniture

  11. Polishing woodwork

  12. Vacuuming/shampooing mattresses

  13. General light housekeeping

By working together, we can have your house ready for the guest you want instead of the uninvited creepy, crawly ones. Give ACS a call. We would love to help you out.

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