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As Seen On TV

This last month was an exciting month for ACS employees as they helped put together a made-for-TV commercial to be aired in the very near future on cable, Dish, Direct TV, and streaming. To say it was a team effort is an understatement. The idea for the commercial was conceived years ago, and it was thrilling to see it come to fruition. It was a great opportunity to involve the team. Nicole provided us with children for the shoot. Jared was on hand with his camera to film “outtakes.” Tearria, Kenny, Richard, and Candice were involved in filming employee shots for use in subsequent commercials, and we all enjoyed the premier showing of the commercial at the newly opened Keto Kitchen served by our friend Mo Nasraddin and his staff.

There was ample opportunity for all employees to participate whether in planning or actual participation, footage that will be shown now, later, or bloopers for our private showing as they tried to pose in a manner that would display the company logo. All in all, it was good fun.

We want to thank everyone involved. And a special thanks to the stars of our commercial, Dr. Jason Bradley and his wife Rachel. We so appreciate their enthusiasm and excitement. Thanks also to Silas and Raelynn Nixon. You were the BEST! And, of course, thanks to Rex Goodrich and his wife for the use of their home and the On Media Team for working with us….and who could forget our own rock star, Mr. “Stay Clean My Friends” himself, Chris Swiser. Thanks for allowing us to share your gorgeous face and rich, resonant voice to wrap up the commercial and emphasize our theme.

You may view the commercial now by clicking on the following link: View Here Again, it will be aired on several cable, Dish, Direct TV, and streaming stations beginning this week.

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