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Sales and Community Outreach Coordinator

Job Opening:


Job Title: Sales & Community Outreach Coordinator

Minimum Qualifications: High School diploma or equivalent, completion of ACS training program. Must be fluent in speaking, reading, and writing English to communicate with clients and co-workers. Driver’s license/reliable transportation required. Smartphone and a congenial personality a must.

What are Sales & Community Outreach Coordinators expected to do?

Sales & Community Outreach Coordinators work with the public and other businesses to create meaningful relationships that benefit the community as well as making sales calls and visits to potential and current clients. Calls and visits made shall be recorded in a database and updated frequently. 

Major Job Duties and Responsibilities for Sales & Community Outreach Coordinators:

  • Create sales and community event goals with your ACS manager.

  • Meet minimum expectations of phone calls and in person stop-ins to local businesses with the intent of selling ACS services.

  • Keep proper call and in-person meeting records on ACS sales tracker sheets.

  • Meet minimum expectations of sales to local businesses with ACS services.

  • Post ACS fliers on community boards as needed.

  • Attend Greater Iowa City, Inc. and other community events with the intent of developing relationships and maintaining a positive image of the ACS company within the community.

Anticipated Scheduling 

ACS Sales & Community Outreach Coordinator positions are a work at your own pace/set your own hours. You will have minimum expectations of time and sales needed to reach company goals, but can do so around your own schedule.

Rate of Pay 

The rate of pay for all ACS positions is determined at your interview. ACS Sales & Community Outreach Coordinator positions contain a base salary for those who comply with minimum expectations of time and sales needed to reach company goals. In addition, ACS offers a highly lucrative commission structure with residual benefits.

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