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Residential Environmental Technicians

Job Opening:

Job Title: Residential Enviromental Technician

Minimum QualificationsHigh School diploma or equivalent, completion of ACS training program. Must be fluent in speaking, reading, and writing English to communicate with clients and co-workers. Driver’s license/reliable transportation required. Smartphone required.

What are Residential Environmental Technicians expected to do?

Residential Environmental Technicians perform any combination of light cleaning duties to maintain private households or commercial establishments, such as hotels or Airbnb’s, in a clean and orderly manner. Duties include making beds, replenishing linens, cleaning rooms and halls, and vacuuming. NOTE: All Environmental technicians shall be trained in the performance of 2 or more areas such as carpet cleaning, commercial, or residential cleaning. (See individual job description pages for these.)

Major Job Duties and Responsibilities for Residential Environmental Technicians:

Duties will vary as they are customized with the resident to meet their particular needs and wants. They may include any of the following, and additional charges may apply for deep clean duties.

  • Cleaning of the bathroom(s)

    • Toilets inside and out

    • Dust lights

    • Sinks/vanity

    • Tub and/or shower

    • Empty garbage

    • Straighten towels or hang fresh ones

    • Sweep and mop floor and baseboards

    • Wipe doorknobs, switches, plates

  • Clean the kitchen

    • Wipe counters (and items on counter), tables, appliance fronts

    • Clean microwave inside and out

    • Clean inside of refrigerator

    • Clean inside of oven

    • Empty trash and wipe down garbage can

    • Wash dishes

    • Empty dishwasher

    • Wipe switches and plug plates

    • Sweep and mop floor

  • Clean living room, bedrooms, dining room, entry, sunporch, family room, home office(s), etc.

    • Dust all furniture

    • Pick items up from floor and place in laundry or place neatly as instructed

    • Sweep and mop or vacuum floors

    • Wipe all doorknobs and switches

    • Clean windows as instructed

    • Dust blinds

  • Laundry room

    • Wipe down washer and dryer and clean lint filter

    • Sweep and mop floor

Anticipated Scheduling 

Monday through Friday:

Start times range from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., with the shift typically lasting between 4-8 hours total. 

Saturday and Sunday:


Start times range from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., with the shift lasting between 6-8 hours total. 

Rate of Pay

The rate of pay for all ACS positions is determined at your interview. All ACS team member new hires shall be paid at least $14.00/per hour, with an increase after satisfactory completion of the ACS training program and positive work performance. We value our employees and try to compensate in a manner that reflects that. Hiring pay can vary with experience. The average range of pay for our team members is currently between $16.00- $18.00 per hour.

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