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Summer is Slip/Sliding Away

July signifies the turning point of the year with six months down and six to go. Maybe that is why we start to feel panicked that the year is slipping by, and we need to re-focus on our goals, etc. Or maybe it is because July is packed with so many extra things to do.

As we flip the calendar page again, August doesn’t slow down for most people. For many, there is the fair, both county and state. It is also the time many families choose to venture off to parts unknown for a vacation to grab a bit of the gusto before summer fades. Others decide to take a staycation and just take a break from the usual routine and enjoy things in their own backyard. These are big and small events that often cause us to spend extra time away from home or on projects that take precedence over cleaning. It might also be something that causes a need for immediate cleaning to help prepare in order to present your best image for guests or recover from your event.

You only need to walk into the stores to see the displays of school supplies and racks of clothes to know that school will soon be back in session. In a blink of an eye the Christmas/Holiday displays will be gracing the store isles. So, it’s time to think about what the kiddos need and try to encourage earlier bedtime. Maybe you need to take stock of what they have, get rid of the outgrown clothes and toys to make room for more, and get those corners clean too.

As we see gardens in full bloom and the sun disappearing earlier and earlier, we are constantly reminded that the summer days are slipping away. For many this means taking those last-minute getaway trips and soaking in as much sunshine as possible Old Man Winter makes his appearance. Still others are frantic to get those “special projects” done that were on their summer To Do List. These can be time-consuming and exhausting, leaving you little time for routine cleaning.

At ACS, we are aware that for many, this is time to participate in what we “fondly” refer to as the annual “Turnover Rodeo.” With a large student population in the area, there are lots of people moving into or out of their place of residence, often moving out of town or out of state. It is a time of year when many new people come into our lives, either as clients or employees forming ongoing relationships and friendships.

Whether you fit into any of these categories or not, it is hard not to catch the excitement and anxiety of having too much to do in too little time. Over the years, we have changed our approach to this time of year. We try to prepare further ahead of time with better training for our employees, not just building staff numbers, but also improving quality. In this, our 10th year in business, we have found ourselves doing our own “house cleaning,’ creating and adapting to new systems to better serve our clients, and make the jobs easier (yet more accountable) for our Environmental Technicians. So much has changed, thanks to all of you choosing us as the “City’s Best” for the 2nd year in a row, that we feel like a brand new company but with a firm foundation of an established company.

We find that we are booked with solid appointments well in advance. This year has been exceptional because of the shortage of employees. This is partly due to the number of people who have chosen to remove themselves from the workforce to stay at home with their own children. We are proud to say that we have maintained a solid core group and continue to expand, giving us the ability to fulfill our obligations to our existing clients even if we were not able to serve as many others as we would have liked because we have been in high demand and booked to capacity weeks ahead of time.

We continue to build on our base and expand to better help more businesses and individuals. That means, if you found yourself described in any of the scenarios above, call ACS. We will do our best to help you, whether it is office cleaning or residential cleaning, one time or ongoing services. We offer deep clean or maintenance cleaning, post construction cleaning, and carpet shampooing. We will come to your location to do a walk thru (FREE OF CHARGE) and discuss with you the particulars of the job you want done. We customize every clean according to the client’s wishes and budget.

So, whether it is a moveout clean, carpet shampooing, office or residential deep clean, one time or ongoing, contact ACS today to see how we can help you squeeze in those extra summer outings or projects and allow you to enjoy the “lazy, hazy” days of summer.

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