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Phases to Post-Construction: Get That After Glow

Post-construction clean-up doesn’t just revolve around the typical sweep and mop action. There are a lot more phases and steps to ensure the house is handed to the owners in its best condition.

Homeowners would likely imagine themselves sitting back and relaxing once their renovation project is finished. However, enjoying the fruits of home improvement doesn’t come for free. Before they can truly and fully enjoy their improved homes, they must first get everything cleaned and organized.

The work of construction companies doesn’t end once their clients’ visions have been realized. There are still various processes and trials for them and the house to overcome. There can be defects or flaws that only become evident post-construction, not to mention the dirt and leftover materials from the renovation process that need to be cleaned and properly removed.

The flaws and defects can be referred back to the construction company to handle. After all, those are lapses on their part. But the dirt and leftover materials can be a pain for homeowners as they are left to manage it by themselves. However, most construction companies do offer a hand with post-construction clean-up. However, even after they finish their cleaning, there will be dust and dirt left over.

The Post-Construction Sweep

Post-construction cleaning refers to the cleaning after home renovations or constructions. Typically, construction companies clean up after themselves by removing all their equipment and implementing a general cleaning of debris and excess materials. But once they leave the site, the detailed portion of the clean-up is not part of their job description and remains for the homeowners to execute.

This type of clean-up may sound easy. However, once homeowners are on the site, only then do they realize how taxing and troublesome it can be.

Post-construction cleaning does not just include sweeping and mopping the floors, shampooing the carpets, and wiping visible areas. Instead, it involves a deep house cleaning with a primary focus on the construction site. Homeowners need to rid all their walls of dirt and smudges, clean their air vents, replace air filters, remove items from cupboards and wipe interior surfaces, and much more. They may either do this or hire a cleaning company to help them.

Companies like Affordable Cleaning Services are the perfect helping hand for these matters. Affordable Cleaning Services (ACS) is a cleaning company widely known for its post-construction cleaning in Coralville and nearby areas. With a team of hardworking professionals, there’s no space, no mess ACS can’t handle. No matter what the construction company has left behind, the ACS team will help you finish the job right.

There are three phases of post-construction cleaning to ensure that clients have a perfectly polished home or business space.

Phase 1: Rough Clean

This phase occurs during the construction period. Once the workers have already finished the plumbing, framing, and wiring, regardless if they haven’t completed their finishing touches, cleaning companies may already start removing debris, stickers, and trash from the site.

Rough cleaning is when workers clean the area before the next construction begins. It doesn’t include a deep clean, as workers will resume construction creating more mess. Think of it as a half-time clean-up before the second round of construction touch-ups begins. During this phase, cleaners reduce the instances of materials accumulating, obstructing the process, and only making the cleaning more troublesome in the end.

Once rough cleaning is done, construction workers can move on with finishing and wrapping up the job. They can start painting the walls, installing cabinetry, and placing the floors.

Phase 2: Light Clean

After the cleaners have reduced the bigger debris, it is time to do some touch-up cleaning with the dust and dirt left behind. Although it is called light cleaning, the supposedly lighter part of the post-construction clean-up, cleaning companies still need strong cleaning equipment and plenty of tools to execute this phase, as well as an abundance of water.

While rough cleaning acts as the interlude between cleaning and construction, light cleaning is the part that wraps up the construction process. The cabinets, windows, and other fixtures added after the initial rough cleaning will be deeply cleaned during this phase. It is typically done once all the necessary construction is done.

Rough cleaning takes care of debris and obvious materials. On the other hand, light cleaning is more about the detailed cleaning of the fixtures. Hence, it is why professional assistance is suggested, with homeowners needing help to thoroughly clean restrooms and kitchens with the multitude of details required. Once the light cleaning is done, homeowners are closer to peacefully moving into their homes.

Phase 3: Final Clean

Finally, it is the final phase of the post-construction cleaning process. All the necessary construction projects are finished at this phase, and the contractors have completed their final walkthrough. The final phase requires the cleaners to do the polishing. This typically occurs days after the second phase so cleaners can pay more attention to the final dust clearing. They polish the windows, doors, mirrors, and especially the walls, inside cupboards, and any corners, where dust may have settled and built up.

Once the cleaning company finishes this phase, it is finally time to hand the keys to the homeowners.

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